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Welcome to the Books For Boobs Fundraiser

Hello and welcome to the Books For Boobs Explant (Implant Removal) fundraiser.

Thank you for being so interested in supporting a transgender author in reaching both a dream of functioning health and the possibility of becoming a published writer.


After 15 years of chronic health issues that baffled many specialists and doctors, the only plausible culprit left has to be the silicone in my breast implants. As much as they help exponentially with my body/gender dysphoria, I have made the heart wrenching decision to remove them Feb 22nd 2023 in hopes of regaining my physical health. I will be having two reconstructive surgeries after spaced 6 months apart which I will be fundraising for as well.


Support Option 1

Books For Boobs

This fundraiser aims to get 100,000 people to buy my 500-page dark fantasy novel An Awaited Reckoning on Amazon for $0.99.  


Achieving this goal would push my book into Amazon's top 10, cover the total surgery cost, and with money left over, I can spend two years mentally and physically healing while I write and finish book three and four. 


Here are the steps and how you can help.



Click here to go to to order books 1 An Awaited reckoning. Even if you don't like ebooks, buying a copy will help open the door for traditional print books

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to leave a review on or .ca . Reviews and star ratings are essential to pushing books up the charts.



Support Option 2

Cash Options


If you want to donate more than $0.99, here is the go fund me





You can also donate money to a traditional GoFundMe through this link if you want to do both.



Support Option 3

Sharing On Social


Please share the fundraiser on social media and follow my Instagram page by clicking here.

I'm always looking for new LTGBTQ2+ people to follow.


Send me a message I will follow you back.

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